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The Moon Oracle By Tarot House Productions

Dear single purchasing customers, wholesalers and resellers

Thank you for considering  the possibility of purchasing  Tarot House Productions Oracle Card Decks. I am pleased to inform you that my self publicated work is now live for bulk buy purchases. All my oracle decks were screen tested by the printing company that is used as well as the tuck boxes they come in. These are not available directly from high street shops and you could be some of the first to make that happen & selling them online also. 


All oracle decks are priced individually the more orders placed the less you pay per

deck allowing you to make a profit at what your resale point price will be. Everybody is

a winner. The current prices set for each deck are fixed prices and can not go any lower

that they already are. 

Please take a look here at a live image screen shot from one of my oracle card decks. Each deck is different so prices vary based on the amount of cards the decks have within them. 


(There's a video below showcasing the moon Oracle Deck)

My cards are located at printer's Studio who are an amazing professional custom printing company. All my card creations and boxes are screen tested by the company to make sure they are to a high standard quality within the images and that there are no errors, so you are guaranteed  a professional finish, with no worries or concerns upon receiving your orders. 

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